What is Crossroads?

Crossroads is a “help” program we have organized to improve our ability to serve others. Our mission is to show God’s redemptive love at work by connecting the gifts, abilities and talents of Sarasota Baptist Church volunteers with the needs of the staff, the various ministries of the church, our church family, and our community. The people of Crossroads like to be the answer to a problem.

Who is Crossroads?

Crossroads is an ALL-volunteer group of people who attend Sarasota Baptist Church and believe God meant it when He said, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” They are people who are willing to do what they can, when they can, to help others. They find joy in showing God’s love in practical ways.

How does Crossroads work?

Everyone at Sarasota Baptist Church is encouraged to complete a Crossroads survey. The survey lists 123 options in eight categories, including Home Care/Maintenance, Personal Care, Office Help, Technology, Education/Training/Ministry, Experience through a difficult life circumstance, & Work Environment/Methods & Styles. This information is entered into our Crossroads database. When a need is submitted to Crossroads, we check our database for someone who has indicated a willingness to help in that area. The volunteer is contacted to see if they are available to help. If not, it is alright. No one is pressured to volunteer.

What does the name mean?

Jesus went to the “Cross” & literally “reached out and did something” for all mankind. Crossroads comes from the two words combined. Sometimes in life, people find themselves at a “crossroad” and could use a helping hand from someone who cares. Crossroads is a name that means a great deal!

Want to get involved?

Download & complete a Crossroads Volunteer Opportunities form, or you can pick one up at the church. Completed surveys can be brought to the Welcome Desk or mailed to the church. For more information, contact Bobby and Marolyn Acomb.