Discover Membership

Next Class: October 30, 2022

Several times a year, our pastors lead a class to introduce the mission, strategy, organization, guiding principles and doctrinal distinctives of Sarasota Baptist Church. We want people to know what we are all about, why we are doing it, and how a person can join us and be a part.

Our pastors will also explain the rationale and significance of being a Southern Baptist Church. At the conclusion of the class, our church membership covenant is explained and those desiring to join our church are invited to do so.

The class is conducted from 12-2 pm and all materials and lunch are provided. There is no charge for lunch and childcare is available for young children up to 5 years of age. Reservations are requested for lunch and childcare.

The luncheon is open to all. This class is also a  requirement for church membership.