Prayer at Sarasota Baptist

Prayer should be a vital part of the life of every Christian. It isn’t limited to a special prayer meeting or location. Prayer is our 24/7 open line of communication with God. It’s not uncommon at Sarasota Baptist to see a couple people praying together after a service, or a group of people circled up and praying for someone about a difficult situation they are going through. We believe in the power of prayer and we want to continue to develop a culture in our church where praying together is as natural as breathing in the air around you.

Prayer in Connect Groups

Connect Groups are the heartbeat of our church. These small groups of people have a strong component of prayer built into every gathering. We hope that over time, you will feel comfortable going to a connect group with your prayer needs.

Prayer Before our Services

All over our campus, groups of men and women gather together for prayer before stepping into their various areas of service. Whether it is the Pastors, Welcome Teams, Kids and Students Teams or the Worship Team . . . know that when you arrive at a gathering, someone has already prayed for you.

Prayer During our Services

We have a two special times of prayer during our services. One during the middle of the service led by the Pastor. The other is a time at the end of the service where you can pray with one of our pastors or staff members. Additionally, if you’re in need of prayer, we have a prayer request section on the connect cards in the back of each seat in the worship center. Our pastors, staff and church consider it an honor to pray with you.


Need Prayer?

Let us know how we can pray for you

Other Opportunities

We have small groups that meet to pray many times during the week. If you would like to join one of these groups, we’d love to connect with you.