SENT Devotional Day 56 - September 24

God SENT Joseph. Let’s read Genesis chapter 45. Where did God send Joseph? What were the circumstances of His mission? What was God’s purpose in sending him?

ZOOM IN to Vs.5 - Joseph told his brothers, “And now don’t be grieved or angry with yourselves for selling me here, because GOD SENT ME ahead of you to preserve life.”
Interesting note: the Hebrew verb ‘to send’ is found nearly 800 times in the O.T..

Ask the Lord – “Where are You sending me to live as Your everyday missionary?” (school, work, gym, neighborhood, area…).

PRAY – “Spirit of God, fill me with Your Presence and a sense of Your Purpose as One sent by You to join Your Mission of sharing Your Light and Love to ____________________, I humbly pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

BE AWARE – There are many areas of famine and human need in our world. Check out what our IMB workers are doing in many places in the world -

PRAY throughout the week for Pastor Lewis & Liliana who are a part of team leading ‘Galatians 6: 6’ Retreats for ministry couples in Argentina.

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