SENT Devotional Day 57 - September 25

Today we begin reflecting on SENT throughout the Gospel of John. Let’s prayerfully reflect on John chapter 1. Highlight each time SENT is mentioned.  (Notice in chapter 1 Vs.6 John the Baptist is described as a man SENT by God. The words “send” and “sent” are used nearly 60 times.)

ZOOM IN to Vs.18 – “No one has ever seen God. The One and Only Son, who is Himself God and is at the Father’s side—He (Jesus) has revealed Him.”

 God is the One who sends, and Jesus is the One who is sent by the Father into the world. Read Vs.18 again aloud. Why did God send His Son into the world?

PAUSE AND CONSIDER – What ways has Jesus revealed the invisible God to you? (Ex. “Jesus has revealed God’s acceptance of me as I reflect on His open arms to Zacchaeus”(Luke 19).)

As Jesus has revealed God to you, pray for a friend to experience His revelation. Ask the Lord to use you to share His love to this one.

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