SENT Devotional Day 59 - September 27

We are in a series through the book of Jonah – ‘SENT by God’, and we are discovering in the Gospel of John that Jesus is so much greater than Jonah as the One & Only Son of God who is SENT. Let’s reflect on John chapters 4 and 5. Where did the Father SEND Jesus? (Notice Vs.4 – Jesus “had to travel through Samaria.”) What was the outcome of Jesus fulfilling the Father’s Mission? How does this compare to Jonah in repentance fulfilling God’s mission to Nineveh in chapter 3?

ZOOM IN to Vs.39 – 42 – “Many Samaritans … believed in Jesus because of what the woman said… many more believed because of what He said…” Consider this is a “Jesus Awakening” in a culturally diverse setting. In Jonah chapter 3, all of Nineveh repenting is a spiritual awakening.

PRAY for a ‘Jesus Awakening’ in our day. With bold believing prayer, ask the Father to pour out His Spirit so that entire households in the Sarasota region will be awakened to faith in Jesus. Pray for God to use us at Sarasota Baptist Church to join His mission as being SENT by Him ‘to fill the earth with the light and love of Jesus.’

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