Beyond Possible Day 29 - May 27

This week we will focus on the life of Joseph; let’s read Genesis chapter 37,
verses 1- 11. What is a highlight from today’s reading? How would you explain the
highlight to a friend? What application can you make to your life?

Let’s focus on Hebrews 11: 22a – “By faith Joseph… “ How did Joseph evidence
faith in God as a teen? God revealed Himself to him in a dream, and he responded
‘by faith.’

To live BEYOND POSSIBLE requires faith in God to give fresh new dreams.
Pause and ask God to give you His vision for your life. Write down in your journal
thoughts and promises of God’s Word. Respond to the Spirit of God at the point of
His Word.

Pray for the over 400 children who are registered for Kidventure VBS to have
dreams about the greatness of Jesus’ love. Pray for the conversion of entire
families through this week’s experience.

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