Beyond Possible Day 30 - May 28

Let’s read Genesis chapter 37, verses 12 – 36. What is a highlight for you? What
application can you make to life?

Let’s zero into Vs. 23 – 24 – Joseph’s brothers stripped off his robe of many colors
and threw him into a pit. In V.28, his brothers sold him as a slave to the Israelites.
In V. 36, Joseph was sold in Egypt to Potiphar, a high-ranking officer of Pharoah.
How did Joseph respond to the pains of betrayal and mistreatment? Hebrews 11:
21 reveals it was “By faith” in God.

Pause and consider betrayal by a ‘near one’ in your life… mistreatment you have
experienced. Lead your heart ‘by faith’ to rely on God to help you not to become
bitter but better.

Pray for the volunteers and teachers of our Kidventure VBS as they begin a week
of imparting their lives and the Gospel to the children and families.

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