Beyond Possible Day 22 - May 20
May 20th, 2024
Let’s continue down “Faith’s Hall of Fame” by focusing on Joshua and whatoccurred as he led the nation of Israel into the land promised by God (Mentionedin Hebrews 11: 30,31). Read prayerfully the boo...  Read More
Beyond Possible Day 21 - May 19
May 19th, 2024
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024! We will celebrate with thegraduates and families in both worship services today. The sermon challenge willbe from the life of Moses in Hebrews 11: 23 –...  Read More
Beyond Possible Day 20 - May 18
May 18th, 2024
Today, let’s prayerfully reflect on Exodus chapters 7 through 10. Yes, a little more thanusual; highlight the plagues of God’s judgment released on the Egyptians.Which of the plagues do you think was ...  Read More
Beyond Possible Day 19 - May 17
May 17th, 2024
Let’s prayerfully read and reflect on Exodus chapter 6. What highlights can youmake from your reading?Let’s zoom into V. 9 – “Moses told this (God’s message of deliverance) to theIsraelites, but they ...  Read More
Beyond Possible Day 18 - May 16
May 16th, 2024
Let’s prayerfully read Exodus chapter 5. Highlight what stands out to you in thischapter. Journal insights and talk with God about what He is speaking to you.Let’s focus on Vs. 22 – 23 – So Moses went...  Read More
Beyond Possible Day 17 - May 15
May 15th, 2024
Wow! The book of Exodus is awesome; is it not? Let’s prayerfully reflect onchapter 4. God called Moses to live ‘beyond possible’ and Moses felt he wasinadequate. Highlight verses to which you can rela...  Read More